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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nori Hits Chuck E. Cheese While Mom Kim Hits The Studio

Juggling kids and career is going to get a whole lot more challenging come January!

Kim Kardashian dropped by the studio to work on her reality show yesterday, and while she did that, Nori hit Chuck E. Cheese with her cousins and the nanny. We wonder how the 4-year-old feels about getting a little sister? Kimmy K previously dished on how her little princess isn't wild about brother Saint, so we have a feeling there's gonna be a pretty big adjustment period.

Kimye's surrogate is due around the New Year, just a month or two before Kylie and Khloe pop. Not that there's any sibling tension, though!

"If there will be any friction at all, it’s that everyone is in each other’s business. But that’s like any close family. There is no jealousy here. No one is worried about anyone stealing their thunder. It’s not dramatic like that," a source dished to People.

“They’re focusing on the babies. Everyone is genuinely happy about what’s happening," the source added.

Kim is lucky she won't have to lose all the baby weight like her sisters will!

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