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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Kaia Gerber Returns To LA After Whirlwind Modeling Tour In Europe

She left being a normal teen and came back a supermodel!

Kaia Gerber returned to LA yesterday after her whirlwind modeling tour in Paris, and the 16-year-old has had quite the big week! She opened the Chanel show and walked for a bunch of other designers, and people are now saying she's going to be the next "It" girl!

Photographers asked her if she thought she was going to be an even bigger model than her mom Cindy Crawford, but she's already learned the tricks of the trade, because she opted to stay silent. Some people might not want comparisons to their parents, but the budding cat walker is the first to admit they're very similar!

"[Our look] is almost the least reason we’re alike. That’s what people see because they don’t know us, but we react to situations the same way. I think we’re always really strict on time. If other people are late, we get annoyed, so I think that’s the same. Mannerisms, kind of the way we talk — we both talk with our hands and stuff like that," she recently told People.

So what now? Does she quit high school and throw herself into the fashion industry? We imagine it's pretty hard to make it to school when every editor in the world wants you on the cover of their magazine!

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