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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Justin Bieber Brings New Girlfriend Paola Paulin To Church For The Second Week In A Row!

Things must be heating up!

Justin Bieber hit church last night with new lady love Paola Paulin in tow, and it seems like she's really embracing his involvement with Hillsong in hopes of passing the test. What test, you ask? Well, apparently anyone who wants to date JB has to get approval from his pastor Carl Lentz. That sounds a little Tom Cruise and Scienology-esque if you ask us, but she seems cool with it!

"So Carl has emerged as more than his pastor - he is Justin's mentor, best friend, father figure and older brother, adviser and spiritual guru in one. Justin does not make a move without consulting him. In the past Justin has been 'lead astray' or let's say gone off the rails behaviour wise in different relationships. Carl wants to help Justin rebuild his life in a solid way and the woman he is with - his romantic partner - has a big influence on him. Justin beyond values what Carl thinks and does not make any big decisions without checking with him," a source dished to The Sun.

"Justin wanted Carl to meet her - he needs his approval. From now on anyone who wants to be seriously in Justin's life has to get the stamp of approval from Carl and yes, it's like an interview. Justin will not seriously date anyone - even casually date someone - who does not go in for Hillsong and Carl. She has to embrace it entirely," the source added.

The buxom Ballers actress has sunk her claws into the pop star at just the right time, as his manager Scooter Braun recently revealed that the "Sorry" crooner was doing "worse than people realized" before canceling his Purpose tour. Religion has helped him bounce back from the brink, though, and he might be ready to be in a healthy relationship.

“It was a really bad scene. He was just not himself. He was profoundly unhappy. Exhausted, low energy. He was just miserable. He needed to step back, recalibrate, and then figure out his next move. It has been a process, but he’s doing so much better. You can talk to him and see that the old Justin is coming back. He seems happier, more energetic. It’s encouraging. He’s not completely there, but he’s definitely on his way," another source dished to People.

Of course, Hailey Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian were also in attendance yesterday evening, so if anything were to go south with Paola, his two former flings are waiting in the wings!

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